My Dolls Story Online Monthly Magazine presents original fashion and celebrity doll
dioramas. Join us for these delightful doll diorama scenes featuring 
the fashion and celebrity dolls from Toni Burrough's collection.
        Doll dioramas featuring Barbie dolls and celebrity dolls form the collection of Toni Burrough. Read the Love Story told with dolls about the Burrough family. 11 1/2 inch Doll Dioramas using fashion and celebrity dolls
December 2015  Edition    My Dolls Story a love story told with dolls
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A Christmas Poem,
From the story A Christmas Poem
It's A Family Reunion Part II March 2008,
From the story Jacksonville
New pictures have been added to And The Lord Answered Her Cry in celebration of my son Luke's forty-first birthday 
March 12th.

I'd like to wish you a Happy Birthday, Luke and thank you for saving my life, 
Your Momma
From Toni's Blog
In Remembrance of You
To the Jackson Family my heart and my prayers go out to you in your time of grief. 
Michael was one of the first dolls of my collection.

I heard talk about you, how you loved to play around as children do 

How you saved a child’s life from cancer, you were more then a singer or a dancer

Just by taking the time you made him feel important too

He had to feel that way while walking and talking with you...

The Greatest Gift That I Can Give to You
I remember as a small child God has always been a strong force in my life. I have always felt His presence whether I was in the midst of unscrupulous behavior or in situations where I was waiting for a promotion on a job. 
Barbie, Fashion and Celebrity Dolls tell their stories in My Dolls Story doll dioramas
  Scenes From the Doll Show at Cobb Civic Center in Marietta GA
  Scenes from the latest Collector's United Doll Show featuring Fashion Doll
Dioramas by Toni Burrough held at the Cobb Civic Center in Marietta GA. Click each picture for a larger view 

Doll Dioramas are scenes created using dolls, doll furniture, accessories, houses and costumes which are set up to tell a unique story in pictures.

My Dolls Story is a fascinating online series of Doll Dioramas created by Toni Burrough. During the past 25 years, Toni has passionately collected over 500 dolls. Her collection includes a vast number of Fashion and Celebrity dolls as well as unique doll accessories and miniature artwork. 

Toni's doll collection is rivaled only by her collection of stories about her family's real life experiences. In My Dolls Story Toni takes her readers through her fascinating family stories as the child of a 1940's interracial and extramarital affair in a small southern town through her husband, Gene, being named General Manager of two teams in the USFL Football League.. 

Her dolls and stories bring to life Toni and Gene's poignant love story as well as many of her family's other personal and business experiences they have shared over their 30+ years of marriage including their amazing job stint working for Donald Trump.

Toni's diverse fashion and celebrity dolls play the characters in Toni's unique doll dioramas. Toni's stories take her online readers and doll lovers of all ages on a journey through the difficulties and triumphs of a real American family. The doll diorama scenes are vivid and colorful and the stories are so enjoyable parents and grandparents may want to share this online treat with their children. 

Each month, members have access to a new issue of doll dioramas depicting a different story in Toni's collection. Once you get started, you won't want to miss a month!

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Barbie doll scenes in doll dioramas

Table of Contents
Jacksonville the ongoing love story told by dolls.
*Adult Short Story
Love Can Conquer All
This unique short story is about a grandmother trying to bond with her youngest grandson. A little different than the other stories on MyDollsStory the story features pictures of real people!
A Treasure Hunt For Ian
Ian goes on a real treasure hunt!
Jordan's First Hole in One
Jordan and Ian enjoy their first golf outing with their grandmother Toni.
And The Lord Answered Her Cry
A true story about receiving God's help when really in need.
Gone But Not Forgotten
A Thanksgiving Story
A Birthday Story
Sometimes we do not know the reasons why people are in our lives, but there is still a plan...
This story is dedicated to Toni's Father.
Stories from Toni's Childhood
A Christmas Poem
Christmas 2009, This poem by Jackie White still rings true today!